Bounce It Off Millions — Have A Tough Decision To Make?

We’re faced with decisions daily and let me tell you what, I get tired of making them. My husband, bless his heart, would be content with me making the majority of decisions. In one area, my work. Lately, I’ve been pondering the subject of styles of writing for my sites. Should I write more about lifestyle or parenting?

If you have a Magic 8 ball, can you shake and give me the answer?

Because, let’s face it. Sometimes? We need to hear from the ones who are with us most often and that’s you. So, I not only shared it to the world, I shared with my readers.

Do you have a nagging question? I mean one that no one can answer and that’s driving you nuts? Like “Kosher or Sea Salt?” “Flip flops or high heels?”

You can submit one of your nagging decisions on the Bounce it Off Millions on the Bounce Facebook page. They’ll turn it into a poll, and other Bounce fans will help you choose.

On top of that, four users will be chosen over the course of four weeks to turn their big question into a Facebook-wide advertisement. Five thousand participants will win a Bounce dryer bar – one to keep and one to share – so you can decide between two more great options: Bounce dryer bars or dryer sheets? (See contest rules.)

But, you had better hurry. The contest ends 9/19/2011.

Disclosure: I was provided the opportunity to write this post by theOne2One Network.  I was compensated to spread the word about the Bounce it Off Millions promotion. All thoughts are my own, if you want to share what you would like to see more of here? Leave me a comment and share! 

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