7 Tips to Make School Mornings Easier

School has been in for a few weeks and mornings were a hot mess when we first started. Peanut isn’t the most organized kid in the world and mornings are a challenge for him to get moving. With us starting middle school this year, well, it’s been a shock to the system to say the least. Getting up at 6am instead of 6:45? Makes for a bleary Momma and a cranky tween.

Necessity, with a hint of desperation, made me realize I needed to change, ASAP. So now, we do most of our morning routine at night.

1. Lay clothes out the night before. Socks, shoes, gym clothes, etc.

2. Set the table for breakfast the night before.

3. Program the coffee maker (essential!!)

4. Everything that needs to leave for school is on a hook by the front door.

5. Pre-pack lunches the night before.

6.  Shower before bed.

7.  Bedtime is consistent, every night.

My morning routine is best because of what I do the night before. Things operate smoothly, as we have taken out the rush. We can enjoy our breakfast and when it’s time to leave? It’s a pleasant trip out the door instead of a hurried rush.

What do you do to make mornings easier?

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