Yoursphere: Perfect for Hot Summer Days

Online safety as a parent is something we all worry about. I met my husband in a chat room in 1998 and before I would meet him (after emailing for 5 months), I had a criminal record check done.  Most people will meet someone online in the next 30 minutes and meet them for drinks within the hour. That is not my idea of wise thinking, nor is it teaching kids (your own possibly?) how safety is a huge matter when it comes to being online and that the nicest person might not be who they say they are.

Yet, we can’t keep them away from social media and offline forever. It’s much better to educate and let them use platforms that have their safety in mind. And that’s where Yoursphere comes in.

My son has been using Yoursphere for nearly a year. Introduced to it at Type-A Parent conference in 2010, I felt it was the perfect platform for my social media loving tween. He was dying to be on Facebook, but rules of the house mean that he’s not allowed to fudge his age and join the site like so many others in his social circle.

“Members’ online safety and privacy are a key priority through the application of common sense safeguards. The site is hyper-focused on supporting the positive interests and aspirations of its members. No child has to pretend to be 13 to join. Yoursphere offers free as well as premium memberships to its young audience up to age 17.”

Meeting Mary Beth Hoal last year solidified my decision to let my tweeting tween delve into Yoursphere. She took time to spend with me, explaining the sign up process and the safety measures in place that would allow me to let my kid engage socially via the internet, but would give me peace of mind regarding not only his online safety, but physical location and personal safety. Mary Kay writes a blog on helping parents teach their children about online safety.

“ is a kids-only social network offering its members a vibrant and uniquely engaging experience. Yoursphere offers its members all the best of the Internet – their own blog, hundreds of games, a virtual world, the fostering of shared interests through “spheres”, social interaction, contests, rewards and a scholarship program.”

Peanut loved the world with games such as the ones he had seen Mom play on Facebook. Being able to decorate his own “pad” that is fit for a tween boy and had no input from Mom was another huge win. He felt like I was really giving him a lot of space online and enjoying me not asking five million questions, such as “What are you doing?”, “Who are you talking to?”, “Who is that?”.

He is loving the fact that he’s making friends, playing games and not losing some of what he’s learned by working to earn points. I know I can let him log on when it’s 100 degrees outside or raining buckets and he’s living large and not feeling like the weather is out to ruin his summer break.

Every Yoursphere member that positively contributes to the community, earns rewards called “credits”. They can redeem their credits and shop for free.  I can hear little hands rubbing together waiting on their turn on the computer.

For me? As long as Peanut can use Yoursphere, I’ll keep his membership active and going. Being able to check in on my account and see what he’s been doing is a boon as I see what he’s interested in and can further those interests offline.

Want to sign your kids up for Yoursphere? Use my code! When you sign your kids up using my promo code YS11-2S1A, they’ll get 75 credits to spend in the Yoursphere Gift Gallery!”

You can also find Yoursphere online to keep up with the latest happenings and trends in online safety: Yoursphere on FacebookYoursphere on Twitter, Yoursphere founder @MaryKayHoal, and@YoursphereMom.

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