Survivor: Jamestown at the Charlotte Museum of History

Could you survive one year as a settler in 1607? No modern conveniences. No grocery stores. No restaurants. No Starbucks?!?!?!
I’m picturing how I would do without my smartphone. Wait? What would I do without a bathroom. I’m not a camping in the rough kinda of gal. My idea of roughing it is heading to Paw’s Up and glamping. After all, airport transfers can be a nightmare.
Survivor: Jamestown puts visitors into the shoes of the original Jamestown colonists. This realistic role-play adventure presents one great challenge: To survive for one year. Sound easy? Think again…
Of the original 104 settlers who arrived in the spring of 1607, fewer than 40 survived the first twelve months.  Visitors wind their way through interactive galleries in this challenging 2200 sq. ft. maze, while struggling to overcome demands on their knowledge and decision-making skills.  A telltale “beads on the life chart” hanging around each visitor’s neck reveal their health is starting to suffer.  Earning or losing points at each turn of the maze, the goal is to make it past more than two dozen tests spread out over four seasons.
Survivor: Jamestown will arrive in Charlotte on July 9, 2011 at the Charlotte Museum of History, 3500 Shamrock Drive. It will be on view through October 2, 2011.
Created by Seattle-based Minotaur Mazes and the Virginia Living Museum, Survivor: Jamestown blends history, science, nature and fortune in a challenging interactive experience. “Our goal is to immerse you in the subject — to make you a colonist with different strengths and weaknesses – and see if your choices can keep you alive.” Exhibit creator Kelly Fernandi says, “At Jamestown, nothing was black and white, right or wrong. What’s good for morale could be bad for your health. And loss of either could kill you. The Life Charts reflect that complexity in a way that no other exhibit can.”
Fernandi adds, “Choose well – try to survive. You’ll learn a lot even if it kills you, and chances are it will.”
Survivor: Jamestown provides an illuminating window into the tough, bewildering natural landscape that bedeviled so many of Virginia’s first English settlers. With a little luck, and most likely a few attempts, visitors may avoid slipping into the danger zone where their next decision could be life or death.

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