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As I’ve mentioned to everyone with ears, my daughter eats five things. Chicken nuggets, noodles, eggs, cheese and fruit—the usual suspects. So I’ve been looking for ways to enhance her palate. Here are some recommendations from really smart mommies + daddies.


Daddy’s Special Sauce.
Niche marketing is in. And no demographic is too small. In fact, sometimes your audience is best reached in the living room. Use terms they know like “special” or “Yo-Gabba-Gabba-delicious.” These sparkly adjectives add fun to any meal. And mystique sometimes equals a full tummy.


Sadie’s Favorite.
Peer pressure rules. Even when you’re four. And sometimes, all I have to do is say that Swedish Meatballs is Sadie’s favorite meal and I get a few tastes. And because Swedish Meatballs is so good, a few tastes can mean a semi-empty plate.


Barney Eats It.
Did you know Barney liked mashed potatoes? And he also likes cauliflower. I swear.


Sit Until You Finish.
This reminds me of that scene in Mommy Dearest. And well, I haven’t tried it. Has it worked for you?


Eat This. Not That.
Never mind. This is a daily email I get telling me everything in my fridge is making me fat.


Act Like A Pilgrim.
Remind your children how thankful you are for having food on your table. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to make a five-finger turkey drawing. Those are the best.


Bribery 101.
Eat your carrots and I’ll buy you a Subaru. This is the ultimate short-term sellout solution. I’d save this for bar mitzvahs and family reunions in Texas.


Help. Do you have other suggestions or tips you could add? I’d like to have my daughter eating liver by the close of 2011. Is this possible? You tell me.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mait Jüriado
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mait Jüriado


** Gratitude**

I wanted to thank the following kind folks for their smart food suggestions:


Rachel Goldberg


Brian D. Francis

In The Queen City




  1. Don’t buy chicken nuggets, noodles, eggs, fruit and the usual suspects for one week. I guarantee your kiddo will eat something else. She will not starve herself to death. I have never made special foods for my kids, and if I felt like eating salmon and aspargus when they were 2 – they ate the same food or went without. I just stopped using salt in food and hot spices, but would cook the same food and then add some spices for adults. Now they all eat everything from sushi to rutabega. Well, of course they still have their favorites, but you get the picture.

  2. Thanks for your feedback, Katja. And what a great suggestion! Wow. So impressed that your kids eat sushi. You’ve done good, Mama!

  3. I love all your suggestions! I smother the first trial of food with sugar and/or butter. Then once I get my children to eat the food, I slowly wean them off the sugar and/or butter. Depending on the food item, adding ketchup to foods also makes them more appealing to children. Good luck.

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