Archives for July 2011

When Momma Needs Her Momma

You never know how badly you need your Momma until she’s gone. Mine moved 400 miles away and I thank God I’ve had her to lean on over the past few days while on vacation. My husband and I nearly ended our marriage in March. Him, the confused boy, afraid of women because of the […]

This August, “Baby” Theatre Makes Its Children’s Theatre of Charlotte Debut with PlayPlay! Theatre’s “Uh-Oh!”

When Peanut was a baby, I wished there were interactive theatre experiences. While we’re beyond that stage now, many of my friends aren’t and I think it would be a pleasant field trip for them. After all, anytime you can get rid of the “mommy uniform” and dress in something that isn’t stained and smells […]

Onward + Upward

In February, I gave birth to a chubby, redheaded, vampire-skinned boy. And for the last five months, I’ve spent every day with him. It’s been a wonderful experience and I’ve learned a lot. Like the best place to get a moo-moo. Or the importance of a good sports bra. I never planned on staying home […]

Internal Marketing at its Finest

As I’ve mentioned to everyone with ears, my daughter eats five things. Chicken nuggets, noodles, eggs, cheese and fruit—the usual suspects. So I’ve been looking for ways to enhance her palate. Here are some recommendations from really smart mommies + daddies.   Daddy’s Special Sauce. Niche marketing is in. And no demographic is too small. […]

Yoursphere: Perfect for Hot Summer Days

Online safety as a parent is something we all worry about. I met my husband in a chat room in 1998 and before I would meet him (after emailing for 5 months), I had a criminal record check done.  Most people will meet someone online in the next 30 minutes and meet them for drinks […]

Killing All the Unicorns

I’ve always been sensitive to my daughter’s emotions. For years, my husband and I altered words to ensure we didn’t hurt her tiny membranes. Instead of sick, we’d say someone was “lying down.” If someone died, we’d used the word “passed.” My husband and I tiptoed around the sadness of life like clumsy ballerinas. The […]

Survivor: Jamestown at the Charlotte Museum of History

Could you survive one year as a settler in 1607? No modern conveniences. No grocery stores. No restaurants. No Starbucks?!?!?! I’m picturing how I would do without my smartphone. Wait? What would I do without a bathroom. I’m not a camping in the rough kinda of gal. My idea of roughing it is heading to […]