A Conversation with Peanut

This isn’t a normal post, but what I beg is normal lately?

Peanut came home from school today with a quote from Bill Gates. Something to the effect that people needed to be nice to nerds, because one day they would be working for them. He then proceeded to tell me how warm and fuzzy it made him on the inside and went on with discussing his plans for world domination.

When I asked him if he felt world domination was a great thing, of course he said “yes”. Somehow this led us to talking about people dying that did bad things to bad people. Ok, I can handle that.


“Mom, as long as I don’t intentionally hurt people, world domination won’t be a bad thing.”

How can you disagree with that?

Which next led to us discussing people incarcerated in the prison system. Somehow, we managed to discuss the criminal moral code and how they utilize it in prison for survival.

My head hurts tonight…any guess as to why?


  1. BWAH I have to meet this spunky kiddo!! I love him!
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