Charlotte Radiology, Mammography and #BoobieWednesday

Today is #BoobieWednesday. The day that women on Twitter work to raise awareness about the fight against Breast Cancer. My normal post is a Wordless Wednesday, however today’s is a little different. Charlotte Radiology just launched their mobile mammogram center, which I had the great pleasure to tour this past Thursday. Thanks to the amazing team of Kathy Rowan and Scott Hepburn for putting all of this together!

I’m 38, but have had roughly 25 mammograms due to finding a lump when I was 18. It was benign, but breast health and breast cancer awareness is something always at the front of my radar.

No matter what we think, breast cancer is gritty, ugly and wears on the body and soul of women diagnosed with it, their families and friends, until they are like tires worn from too many miles on the highway.

This mobile mammography unit has the capabilities of going to many underserved areas in a four county radius to ensure that women have access to cutting edge breast imaging and health services.  Striking in it’s jet black and hot pink coloring, you know that it’s something special, even before you have stepped through it’s door. There are 2 changing rooms, comfortable captains chairs at the front for the patients and a bright cheery feeling has been infused throughout the entire bus. Two technicians man the bus and are able to work as if they were in a hospitals radiology department.

So that everyone that takes part in #BoobieWednesday get’s an idea, I’ve included a little sneak peek!


  1. What a beautiful write-up — and I LOVE your photos! Well, except that one of me 😉

    Your story is one I want women and their families, especially young women, to hear. While the recommendation may be for screening mammograms after age 40, breast health is something you need to pay attention to even at a younger age.

    Thanks for being a champion, Lisa, and helping us spread the word!
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