Valentine Kits for Card Making

Valentine’s Day is coming up so here’s a couple craft ideas to get started.

Raise your hand if you remember making cootie catchers in grade school! I do remember making these so I guess I just showed my age. oops. But, I’m pretty sure my grade school cootie catchers always included someone’s latest boyfriend crush.

Make your Valentine a game with super cool cootie catcher cards and envelopes. Four designs will keep make the fun last for hours.

Cootie Catcher  Valentine Card Kit

Kit contains: 20 cards and 20 envelopes (3 3/4″ x 3 3/4″)

We love the idea of making a hand stitched card. It’s always a  great idea to add your personal stamp when you make Valentine’s cards. These have pre-punched holes which should make it easier for the not so crafty.

Your Valentines will be in awe when they receive these lovingly-made cards! Pre-punched holes allow you easy hand-sewing of four unique heart patterns.

Stitched Heart Card Kit - Makes 4 cards

Kit contains materials to make 4 folded cards: ready-to-stitch cards • folded cards and envelopes • thread and needles

Tools needed: scissors • tape • double-stick tape

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