Thinking long term — Healthwise

I’ve been thinking long term regarding my health more and more. I’m 38 and want to live a long, healthy, energetic, productive life. While I realize that genetics will eventually kick in, I still want to do whatever I can with preventative measures.

My mom is having total knee in a week, so the thoughts of what she has went thru prior to surgery with severe osteoarthritis; compounded by her years spent on her feet as a nurse, makes me want to take a long hard look at my heatlh. The fact that her entire knee will know be titanium and plastic is also unsettling, even though she will be much better off post-op. Morbid curiosity takes hold when I wonder what she will feel when she bumps her new knee against a table. Will it just be surface pain?

I’ve been to quite a few health related events lately. First with Charlotte Radiology and their fantastic new mobile mammography unit. Then I went to a blogger event hosted by EatThinkSmile to test their new line of food products.

Where do I start? Well, I have PCOS. For those reading this that do have it, you feel my pain. It makes losing weight difficult and gaining oh so easy. My first goal is to do what I am supposed to be doing. Eating the right way. Honestly, the best way to eat for PCOS that I have found is a Paleo diet. Lean meat and vegetables. My boys would say that is a “win” in their book. However, I also believe in balance. So I will still be adding fruit to my diet, however only when paired with a protein in order to prevent big spikes and drops in my blood sugar. It also means starting the standard regimen of treatment for it. Metformin and birth control. I’m not diabetic and my husband has had a vasectomy. I know, but what can you do?

I’m also moving more. Twitter Butt is not something I am aiming for. My friend, Leah Segedie does #Mamavation Monday’s and I’m going to have to jump in. It’s for my physical health, my emotional health and well, I just feel better after exercising. Thinking long term and a lifetime change is always key healthwise.

I had to use, just for the outfit.

Part of it’s fear. My Grandfather, always a physically robust man, suffered horribly from effects of Parkinson’s and Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus. I saw the man who could do anything, go to not being able to move his legs due to the stiffness and muscle control issues. Heart disease is another underlying factor. It runs rampant in my family and my risk is now compounded by the PCOS. Talk about a kick to the crotch. Throw in cancer and a myriad of other things I am forgetting, well we’re all ticking time bombs. I just want to extend the length of my fuse.

While I can’t stop genetics, I can help myself. By getting into and staying in shape. I’ve already taken one of the first steps. Weight Watchers. That meeting every week makes me accountable for every single bite I put in my mouth. It also keeps me focused on eating well and eating to live. Not living to eat.

Next step? Move more. I’ve been exhausted lately. What with the cold weather, snow, travel, family, etc., I just realized it’s time to take care of….me.

So, here I am, making plans to eradicate my Twitter Butt and get some #Mamavation going on.

Just remind me not to work out for too long. I might have to use my fingers to walk on and then I couldn’t update you here, as they would be lugging me from point A to point B.

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