The Shedder

The Shedder comes to stay.

Peanut is “The Shedder”. The first thing he does when he comes home from school is walk in the door and things start dropping. Bookbag, lunchbox, shoes, coat, whatever he can shed, he just does it. I have set the house up in a myriad of ways at the front door and there are rules, but it doesn’t matter. It goes from immaculate to Peanut-ized in a matter of mere moments. Stuff is everywhere. What happened to my sweet, angelic little man who used to clean up after himself?

He turned 10.

It was all downhill after he hit the double digits. He started complaining about being a senior citizen with an achy back, asking for his cane and shedding everywhere. Thank goodness my husband is Asian and I don’t suspect he will have a lot of body hair, because if he started shedding like a Saint Bernard, I might make him vacuum himself before walking through the door.

Am I the only parent out there with “The Shedder”? Tell me it isn’t true. I know it can’t be. What do you all do to keep them from shedding? Peanut used to shed all the way to his skivvies and walk around scratching like he was a 40-year old man. At the present moment, it’s just his outerwear. Yet, what is he going to do when it warms up?

Shed some more.

I’m willing to bet at soon as we go past 70 degrees he will start stripping to his itty bitty tightie whities. It’s not that we haven’t discussed it. Kinda like the wet towels in the laundry hamper, it just doesn’t stick. I’ve asked nicely. Nagged, yeah, that too. Everything but  yell. That’s not my forte.

So tell me, do you live with “The Shedder” and if so, what did you do to stop it? Because this Momma has tried it all.

It could be worse though. He brought a recorder home today.


  1. I had a shedder. I started meeting her at the door and making her leave her shoes there and showing her where to put everything. After a week of this, I left her on her own to do it. She didn’t shed at the door but at least made it to her room. LOL
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