Tastebud Temptations Gone Wrong

Peanut is a pretty good eater. He loves things other kids turn their nose up at (salmon and brussel sprouts, as well as pasta in truffle sauce).Lately he has been a pain in the neck when it comes to trying to new foods. At 10, I can’t say “it will make you grow big and stronger”, because let’s face it no boy that is going to believe it. So, I’ve had to resort to the one thing I never thought I would do.


Naggity, nag, nag, nag. More like bitch, bitch, bitch. I’m serious. Why won’t the child try anything new?

Can you help me out here?

What happened to my “pretty good eater”? Now he just looks at me like I have lost my mind. Tonight he wouldn’t try the dipping sauce at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant. It was made with peanut butter. How many kids won’t eat peanut butter?

My husband finally intervened with “son, how do you know you aren’t going to like it if you don’t try it”? Guess that beats me banging my head on the table. Honestly, I think that squirting Siracha in my eyes might be a more pleasant experience at this point.

I am just frustrated right now and I know it could be a lot worse, trust me. What I don’t want to see is him closing himself off to new things and missing out on taste experiences that could fill him with wonder due to the flavors bursting in his mouth.

What are your tips and tricks for getting older kids to try new foods?


  1. prettyannoyed says

    What I have said to the kids in my life over the years is, “have I ever made you taste anything that either killed you or made you puke?” The answer is always a giggle and “no.” OK, THEN.

  2. LOL I don’t have that problem and I am here to tell you that the other end of the spectrum ain’t so pretty either LOL!!! My kids will eat literally ANYTHING — and they do, all day every day. I wish there were things I could buy that they WOULDN’T eat because I have to tell ya – I’d be getting a LOT more of those things haha Good luck 🙂

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