Halloween Blues or Insanity?

Today started the Halloween Blues in my house. The great build up to Halloween has come and gone, to be replaced with the torturous wait to Christmas, complete with that annoying bump in the way called Thanksgiving.

It all starts on November 1. Kids wake up off of the sugar crash from the night before, pissed off and starving. At least mine did. He didn’t have a lot of sugar, but he was tired. That’s what happens when you walk a couple of miles, lugging a pillow case that has what feels like 10 pounds of candy in it.

Candy Corn and a Witches Hat

Me? Honestly, I might have taken the easy way out. We celebrated Halloween with our friends Katie and Danon. The boys all trick-or-treated, while Katie and I drank Peppermint Mocha coffee (the store was out of apple cider) and oohed and ahhed over the insane cuteness that came out way.

However, we were also mean candy givers. Teenagers got Whoppers or Milk Duds, while the little kids got the good stuff, i.e., Reese Cups, Kit-Kats, etc. Let me tell you what, the appreciative looks from the Moms walking around when they saw the chocolate going in the bag were priceless.

I would like to say that my pet peeves came out full force last night. Listen, I am not preaching to you, but I am going to say my piece and I think most of our readers here will agree with me.

  • If your kids come up and are old enough to know to say trick-or-treat (like age 8-12), then they need to say it. Don’t just shove a bag and look at me with that “well, what’s the deal look”. You don’t get candy that way.
  • Thank you. Learn it. Use it. Live it. Seriously. There are some rude children out there.
  • Double dipping. Um, even with 400 of kids in 1.5 hours last night, if your group comes back through, we are going to call you on it. I mean, you have an entire sleeping bag filled to the brim. Save your teeth!

Quite honestly, I love Halloween. After all, I celebrate my birthday two days before it. However, I think with the unseasonable weather we have been having in Charlotte, as well as my plate being too full, I just couldn’t get into it as much this year. I kinda felt like a Scrooge. Peanut is also getting older and with it, doesn’t want to do the fun stuff we did when he was little.

Maybe that’s part of it. Me mourning the little boy he used to be, while watching him develop into the man I am raising him to be. It’s something to ponder…

What are your Halloween blues?

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