Go-Go-Gadget Go!!

I loved Inspector Gadget when I was a little girl. Who am I kidding? I love Inspector Gadget now. My son is a different story. He thinks Inspector Gadget is a moron.

You heard me correctly. He called Inspector Gadget a moron. Peanut is convinced that the man couldn’t find himself out of a paper bag. Let’s face it, we all know that he would need his niece Penny to help him out, however I think kids today are just too jaded. Well, let’s not go so far as jaded, but they are definitely more savvy than I was.

While my sigh can’t be heard, that’s the sound of my inner child wishing Peanut was less worldly and more childlike. We have allowed him to be a true child and not pushed him to grow up fast. It’s been a breath of fresh air to hear him giggle at my goofy jokes, where other kids might roll their ideas at my sometimes lame attempts to be funny. Yet, he is still so “old” at times.

Have your kids watched some of your favorite shows from childhood? What were their reactions?

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