Captain Slow

Let me get started by saying I love my husband. I do. But he drives me nuts. I am sitting here at 10 a.m. and still not quite sure where my day has gone. It started out normally, I got up, hustled Peanut off to Safety Patrol at school and it was looking good. My schedule is packed, but I had a good handle on my time and even had plans for a pedicure with my sister (of my heart) Dee.

However, all good plans come to some end and rather quickly.

Back to my husband. The man cannot shower in less than 25 minutes. Is it the scalp massage he has to give his hair when he washes it? Is it him just standing in the shower? Damned if I know. But, in the time it takes him to shower, I can shower, shave my legs, get dressed, dry my hair and do a full face of makeup. Take that Wonder Woman.

Captain Slow

Since he jumped in the shower at 7a.m., he missed the bus at the park-n-ride. Which meant that I had to come home from taking Peanut to school and drive him in to work. We have two cars, but by the time you go Uptown, pay for parking, and get the snot beat of your car by other careless drives, it’s not worth it. Also, since our buses to the ‘burbs run in limited numbers in the afternoon, he has to be on it. No dropping last minute projects in his lap that need to be done ASAP.

Looking back at this, it’s maddening what happens when your day doesn’t go as you planned and how it affects you. It’s now 12:57, I haven’t checked one thing off of my to-do list and writing this post wasn’t it. Not stepping back, looking at my day and breathing through my frustration has only made it worse. So, it’s time to finish this post, even though I feel it is a mass of half-done thoughts, step away from my computer and breathe.

After all, not balancing myself internally and mindfully is what got me here in the first place.

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