The Big Journey: Bygone Era Edition

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Cross-country rail travel and the romantic notions of traveling by train are part of a by-gone era that we have been trying to recreate for years. Carrie Bradshaw tried to on Sex and the City with her “Big Journey” and wound up showering over the toilet and spending the majority of the time eating club sandwiches and giving herself a train facial in an attempt to pop a massive zit.

That’s not how I see my ultimate family vacation.

The opposite is how I see it. Luxury train travel in foreign countries, fine dining, wine and gorgeous scenery to complement our trip. Stops around the country, looking out windows as we steam by, living like Gatsby and with bated breath, wondering if there is going to be murder on the Orient Express.

We would dress for dinner, country chic during the day. Wellies, field coats, and tweed hats are all part of day time attire. Where we would be part English Country Chic, tromping through fields, looking for our next target as we take up the grand sport of game hunting. It would be back to the train in the afternoon, followed by tea, nappping and first-class dining. We would finish up with cognac’s and camaraderie before heading back to our private sleeper car.

I do worry about how I would shower in a moving train! Graceful balance is not a talent that I possess and there is always the fear of poking an eye out with a mascara wand. Yet, I am not daunted. Sure, I might look like Bridget Jones after her mad cab ride to meet Mark Darcy and my blush be a form of eighties painted on, but the value of a fantasy vacation such as this one, would make it all worth while.

While it doesn’t sound too family friendly, it can be. I would make sure that my child was fully prepared and we would brush up on our etiquette before taking a trip such as this. The great thing about this trip is the adventure, as it is a once in a lifetime experience that would set the path for him adventure wise. He would be exposed to many different cultures and people, which would help him not only be more socially confident, but he would also be aware that he could go anywhere, do anything and handle himself gracefully.

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  1. What a great vacation that would be! I did a little riding on trains through Europe back in college. I didn’t have all the fancy perks that would truly make it a fantasy vacation. it was still pretty darned amazing though.

    Good luck and I hope you win!

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