Stocking the Pantry: Holiday Cooking Essentials

It’s that time of year. Yes, I said it. Halloween is a few weeks away and before you know it, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be knocking down the front door. You know what that means? It’s time to start holiday baking! To make things a little easier, I am sharing pantry essentials. I buy mine in October so that I am not rushing out to the stores at the last minute, praying there is a solitary can of sage left on the back of the top shelf.

1. Baking Powder. Unless you want to be crying over your batter, I suggest replacing your baking powder every fall. You don’t want to Griswold your baked goods!

2. Sage. If the last time you used dried sage was last holiday season, it’s time for a new canister. Always buy the smallest one available and use it up!

3. Sea Salt. I prefer Maldon Sea Salt. To me, Kosher has a metallic taste, so this is really just a personal preference.

4. Nutmeg. Get a whole nutmeg and grate it, you will not regret the extra two seconds it takes. In my amateur opinion, the perfect nutmeg grinder comes from Williams-Sonoma.

5. Cinnamon. Saigon Cinnamon by McCormick is, quite simply, amazing. I use it year round.

6. Molasses. You can’t have gingerbread without molasses and it’s nearly impossible to find mid-December. Trust me.

7.  Ginger. Nothing says Christmas like the scent of ginger filling the house.

8. Vanilla. Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla is my kitchen essential and always on hand.

9. Cocoa. Dutch processed and dark cacao for baking.

10. Parchment paper. I can’t say enough about having plenty of parchment on hand. Used to bake on, wrap baked goods, it’s a handy-dandy multi-tasker.

What cooking/baking essentials can you not live without? Let me know so I can add to the list!

Disclosure: I am not being compensated to write about these products, nor are these companies clients of Mommyality. The items you will find in those post are the same ones that you will find in my pantry and what I am sharing with our readers. I believe in, and fully support, Blogging with Integrity.

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