Pumpkin Patch Cupcakes

These pumpkin patch cupcakes were so fun and easy to make. Even better is that I got to share them with my little Puddin’ when they were done. We even saved a few for daddy to eat. Download the printable PDF file to make your own Pumpkin Patch signs.

>Printable Cupcake Pumpkin Patch Signs

Here’s what I used to make them.

Wilton Multi-Hole icing tip can make icing look like grass if you have the patience (Wilton #233).

One finger is good………

Two fingers are better!!

There’s cupcake under the icing!?




  1. Mmm…Now I have a hankerin’ for green icing! – @ItsyBitsyKC


  1. […] FOOD Lisa’s Pumpkin patch cupcakes look cute and tasty and call for green food coloring that you can use for Christmas baking too. […]

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