Is it Jogging? Or is it Yogging?

After I got home today, I did something I haven’t done in a pretty long time: I went for a run. But I had a little companion with me, my son. He was probably more eager to get out there and run than I was, and that’s OK. I prefer swimming, because as a guy who likes to at least attempt to surf and catch waves, swimming is better for conditioning. And as I was reminded this summer, if I want to surf better, I need to swim more. Lots more.

But run we did. No, we didn’t spend a lot of time out there running, it’s not like we’re not getting ready for a half-marathon or a full marathon. But a half hour of running and walking with some time for stretching before and after wasn’t bad. Plus we had the chance to do something together outdoors. Away from the computer, away from the TV and away from the video games.

I used to play tennis up until a few years ago when I had my first encounter with back spasms. Since then, I have been trying to nurse my back and to be quite frank, it’s also been a demotivator in my overall fitness. That, and a whole bunch of other things have been inhibitors, like an increased workload or time spent on my writing and blogging. They’ve all become these roadblocks that I’ve put up.

I guess I’m just tired of the excuses and I’m also trying to set a decent example for our son. I would be quite the charlatan if I preached to him about the importance of exercise yet did so little on my own. It would certainly not be in line with my goal of just doing things better than the folks that came before me. In that sense, I’d actually be moving backwards by acting like such a hypocrite.

So later this week, he and I will put on our shoes again, do some stretching (especially for our hamstrings and lower back) and go running again. And just like today’s session, it will be awesome yet again.

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