MOMpreneur: Carol Cain–The Adventures of a NY City Mama

Mommyality is launching our newest feature this week: MOMpreneur! Every week, we are going to be featuring a Mom who is making her way in the world of business.

We are lucky to have Carol Cain from The Adventures of a NY City Mama as our first MOMpreneur!

1. What has kept you interested in blogging?

One of the wonderful things about blogging is that we have the freedom to blog about those things we enjoy the most, whether it be politics, fashion, SEO, or as is my case, family travel and food. It’s an incredible feeling when one’s passion becomes something that gives back financially, but for me the biggest thrill is really getting the feedback from my readers on how something I shared affected them, either by making their family’s trip an easier one or inspiring them to take the trip in the first place. I am more than happy to be the guinea pig and test things out if it will make someone else’s journey a happier one.

2. Tell us where the magic happens. (Workspace)

Anywhere there is Wifi really. But at home I am usually set up on the couch or bed with laptop on my lap and paperwork spread all around me. It’s enough to drive a neat freak insane.

3. How do you manage your schedule? Is there such a thing?

I am slowly starting to manage my schedule a little bit better now that all 3 boys are in school during the day. My most recent goal is to spend more time away from the computer when my family is near me than on it. It’s been a bumpy start, but I have been great at really determining what is important and what is not. Going to every single event and every single trip I am invited to isn’t going to make me a better writer, a better business woman, a better wife, mother, or friend. And since I strive to be better, I have to aim to do more through less. There is such a thing, it’s all about priorities in life and setting boundaries.

4. When you need to just be Carol, what is your escape?

I walk around the city, or plan a date night with my husband, who is also my very best friend.  I  like spending time with my friends. I recently stepped back a bit from blogging and really just spent time with myself, in my head a little bit and observed. It helps me to re-identify what matters and what doesn’t. I enjoyed it.

5. What is the best thing about being a blogger?

For me the best thing about being a blogger is connecting with others no matter what the distance. I have enjoyed making friends and meeting people, both socially and professionally, with whom I share a common interest and learn something new from. I love having my own hours, setting my own goals, and not being limited by anyone or anything to pursue those things that I want.

6. Any parting words of wisdom?

Even if your blog is your business remember to stay humble, work hard, stay focused, and not loose sight of what your passion is. Even if at first it seems the passion isn’t what draws in the most business right away. Humility, focus, and staying true to what you love will take you far and you will be a much happier person for it. If you can’t do it as a business-owner, when can you?

Carol Cain is Founder and Publisher of, a Travel and Food site which highlights family-friendly destinations for travelers both in and out of New York. She has an MBA in International Business and worked in Public Relations for many years before venturing into the world of travel blogging. With less than two years as a blogger, she has seen continued growth in her following and has leveraged successful relationships with PR representatives and brands both nationally and Internationally.


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