Five Football Season Essentials – For Dads

Well it’s that time of year; football season is upon us. And since my wife asked me to come up with an “essentials” list for dads just in time for football season, I was only too happy to oblige. Partially because it’s something fun to write about, but mostly because I hope she takes the hint, comes through and gives me what I put on the list (I love you dear, Happy Anniversary). So without further ado, here’s what I think you need:

1) The right system/set-up. This is critical, so don’t screw it up. The foundation, of course, is the TV. It doesn’t have to be gianormous, but it has to be big enough to capture the action clearly and have presence/gravitas in the room. So unless you’re the size of Goliath, a 1080p 46″ TV should do. Ideally you’d also have a home theater system to go with it. NFL Direct Ticket? Do I even have to mention that?

2) Beer. The thing about beer and football is this: the seasons change during football, so you should give some thought to having the right seasonal beer on tap. Pre-season? Ales. Regular season? Good lagers and Oktoberfest brews come to mind. Later in the season calls for some of my favorites: stouts, bocks and porter ales.

3) Comfy accommodations. Since I assume you’re going to want to have friends over occasionally throughout the season, you need to have places for them to actually sit and watch the game. And since I’m talking about my set-up, there’s only one chair I’m going to have: the Eames Lounge and Ottoman.

4) Food. The great thing about this is you can do practically anything here. Burgers, chili, hot dogs, sausages/brats, seafood you name it.

5) Peace and Quiet. This sounds counter-intuitive but hear me out on this. The last thing you want when you’re watching a game is to be bombarded with distractions. Questions. Comments. Honey-do list items. Arguments. It’s like trying to make a baby juggle knives in the air: it’s overwhelming, it will all go spectacularly wrong and somebody is bound to be missing an appendage – or even a limb.  The only way any of it will make sense is if you don’t have those distractions to deal with. Besides, we like quiet and solitude in which we can yell, scream and shout at our fantastic TV in. All of that other stuff just means we have to shout that much louder to make sure the people inside the TV can hear us. Whether we want to call the play-by-play a guy, his commentator sidekick, a referee or a coach a total bonehead or catcall and ogle cheerleaders by ourselves or with our friends, we need a sanctuary to do this in. It’s what it’s all about.

So there you have it. With the season just underway, it’s time to get cracking on building out your shrine to the mighty pigskin. What are you waiting for?

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