Feature Friday: Inspired by the City of Oaks

Acorns are starting to fall from the neighbor’s massive oak trees that tower our house. In the summer these trees provide much needed shade. But when the temperature starts to fall so do the acorns. The sound of falling acorns on the roof can be both comforting and annoying. For the next month or so these acorns will be falling from the trees and rolling down the roof of our house hitting the gutters before settling on the ground or our deck (insert sound effects).

The squirrels. They are already frantically gathering everything they can find for winter. When I hear them running around on the roof, they sound like they could all be wearing tiny combat boots.

Raleigh, NC is known as the City of Oaks for its many oak trees. Oak trees and leaves is the inspiration for my Etsy finds this week. Hope you enjoy!

Fall Oak Leaves 10×8 Photograph by Regal Seagull

Hand Painted Woodburned Leaf Gourd Vase by Nat’s Kreations

Felted Acorns by Fairyfolk

Small Autumn Oak Leaf Hair Clip by hi tree

Antique Silver Leaf Ring by ERMoriginals

Kayla Convertible Messenger Backpack HAND PAINTED OAK by Mad Blue Designs

Tiny Acorns Cookies – 8 dozen by cookierush

The Stand (6 sculptural and modern oak wood display pedestals) by A Mischievous Marriage

Autumn Scrub Oak in White Buckle by bykali

Verdigris Oak Leaf and Acorn Doorbell by Modelmaker2

Squirrel and Acorn Pillow by Giardino


  1. Wow! Thanks for featuring my Squirrel and Acorn Pillow with all the other great finds…I love that verdigris acorn doorbell and the oak displays pedestals. Lovely feature, I didn’t know Raleigh was the city of oaks.

  2. Thanks for featuring my acorn/oak leaf doorbell in this cool collection!

  3. Hi there and thanks so much for featuring “The Stand” with all of the other very talented artisans.

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