Breaking News: Sushi Virgin Loses Virginity at #TypeAMom

Emili and I are at the Type-A Mom Conference in Asheville, NC. It’s our first blogging conference. She just started blogging this year and still isn’t quite sure what’s she’s doing here, however I believe she is finally getting into the groove of things. Things are hectic and we are kinda overwhelmed, but all in all? Totally worth it. Kelby Carr has done a fantastic job. However, I am wondering how she does it all. I want to give her a super-hero cape branded with a big “TA” to wear around as she zooms around taking care of every task under the sun.

We broke out from the conference for a while Friday night and walked around Asheville with out friend Adam. Friends since high school, it was nice just to hang out, catch up, and grab dinner at Wasabi, some of the finest sushi in Western, North Carolina. I had sweet shrimp raw, which I have never had before. It was divine. Emili has never eaten sushi. She isn’t big on seafood and the thought of it eating it raw makes her nauseous.

So, we did what any loving friends would do. Heckled her.

Adam ordered a dragon roll since he has a shellfish allergy. Might I mention how much that would personally suck? So, we dressed up a slice of Adam’s Dragon Roll with wasabi and ginger and sat it in front of her. The sushi taunted her. It made faces, stuck out its tongue, and wreaked havoc in general. It wasn’t until the very end, and after Adam and I had inhaled our meal, that Emili finally found the courage to try her one tiny piece.

Hallelujah! It was down. Did she chew? I’m not sure. However, with all of the heat and dressing up, she didn’t get the full effect of true sushi. But I can tell you that she didn’t grace us with a technicolor yawn. For that, I am thankful. So is her husband. Mister Emili is thrilled to think he can now go to a restaurant and eat sushi. As long as they serve curry or Thai food (some of her faves), he’s set.

Peer pressure and a pretty face (Thanks, Adam!) works, just ask Emili.


  1. I love this Lisa!! I have recently started eating sushi, and I have had it TWO nights while at Type A Mom! I think I’m falling into a bit of an addiction here!

  2. Thank you, Sarah! I love Sushi, so when you come to Charlotte next, we will do lunch!

  3. Well, there is a first time for everything. Congrats Emili! It was also nice meeting you and being serenaded that one night lol – ok that will be our little inside joke now. I hope to see you again soon.

  4. mommyality says

    LOL! It was so nice to meet you also! If you ever bunk with us again you will know to bring some noise cancelling headphones with you. 😉

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