Who the heck did I give birth to? Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is living in my second bedroom. Except, instead of having a bad comb-over, he has a buzz cut, wears glasses and has the perimeter surrounded with plastic army men. I am talking about the fruit of my loins, the one we call Peanut.

He just turned 10 and instead of being like any other kid, chose not to have a birthday party. Instead, he has decided that he wants to stay the night in a 5-star hotel. Yeah, I did the same thing. Gulped and then started mentally calculating the cost of said “experience.” While he wanted to go this weekend, the Fourth of July is difficult to book at any hotel in any major city due to the nature of travel. Compromise was necessary.

We are going in late August, right before school starts back, for our hotel adventure. We haven’t decided whether we are going to Washington, DC or Atlanta, but I will say I am grateful my husband has been traveling a lot this year, as we are going to burn through his Starwood points.

Peanut wants experiences and you know what? When I was his age, I wanted them as well. Maybe not quite as grandiose, but I remember wanting to travel and wanting the feeling of freedom that you only start to crave as you grow. It’s important to us to give him those experiences, to teach him how to handle himself so that he can accomplish any task head on.

Even if it is just checking into a hotel.


  1. WoW! He does want experiences. What does he want to do there?

  2. I think this is awesome but I am afraid Harlow will be the same way LOL meaning she’ll say “Mommy, I’d love to have a DINNER party at the Venetian..Gymboree is so last year”

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