Week 7: Ravenous Beaver

Last time I was pregnant, I was on the trade show circuit. I traveled to Vegas six times during my pregnancy. That was when you could pack as many bags as you wanted. That year, my body pillow flew around the world.

I love working trade show because it’s my chance to pretend like I own a store. And doing these shows I didn’t care that I was pregnant. I worked the booth like I owned it. And it was in Vegas where I learned how ravenous I would become. After each shift, I’d walk from my booth to the nearest buffet. I remember pushing people out of my way, bumping them with my shoulder and making sure that no person stifled my pace.

That ravenous feeling is back. Except I’m not working a trade show. I’m just cube-sitting. I don’t know what it is about me being pregnant but I have to eat every couple of hours. It’s why I’m slowly switching to the six meals a day circuit.

And here is where I make the ask. I need small meals to keep me going. Preferably a mix of protein and carbs. Do you have any suggestions? 200 calorie-numbers would be awesome. Preferably nothing sweet as my sweet tooth died seven weeks ago and I’m more than happy that it hasn’t come back. But seriously, can you help a fat gal out?

This is Week 7 of our installment by Ruby Begonia! Always honest, she tells you things your girlfriends won’t about pregnancy.


  1. I am the snacking queen, so here goes.

    Hummus, carrots or pita squares
    Deli roast beef, havarti, french rounds
    tomatoes, cukes, lite italian dsg
    tuna salad on english muffin (be bad, have provolone melted on top)
    Granny smith apples with peanut butter
    Trail mix, standard
    Trail mix, fun: Cheerios, peanuts, choc chips, peanut butter m&ms, raisins.
    peanut butter/jelly
    peanut butter w/marshmallow fluff (fluffer-nutter..watch out. This was the pound packer in my pregnancy. But then, that could’ve been the 2/day habit)
    banana w/peanut butter smoothie
    Oatmeal (try Wegman’s brand!)
    Cottage cheese with pinapple or banana
    Boiled eggs (your co-workers will love you)
    Egg salad (if you want to preserve your dignity at work)
    1/2 ham and swiss on rye, microwave a nanosecond
    Yogurt (Yo plus!) with Rasperries or strawberries.
    Pretzels, cheese cubes

    Heres a good site for more ideas:

    Happy snacking!


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