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Sweet Southern Lemonade

Happy Birthday, Peanut. I can’t believe you are 10.

Feature Friday: Cupcake Tattoos

What’s more AWESOME than cupcakes? Cupcakes with tattoos! I found out about this new line of Duff Approved products from a cupcake blog I follow, All Things Cupcake, who heard about these through another blog (Way More than 52 Cupcakes) . Now I’m beginning to see how this blog networking thing works. And guess what, some […]

The Great Kotex Conundrum

Periods are a monthly evil. Men? They don’t get it, literally or figuratively. Now, send that man to the grocery store to pick up “supplies”, which we all know means ice cream and maxi-pads, and you get an idea as to where this is going. Add a nine year old boy into the mix and […]