Flow, or Lack Thereof

I am on vacation. That’s the good news. The bad? I cannot unwind. Being on edge is never good. Being on edge while on vacation truly sucks. Staying balanced is difficult on any normal day. However, I am on vacation. I should be able to relax. To let go, unwind, release, relax.

Well, it sucks, because it’s not happening.

How do you find balance? That all important me time? Quiet time, that if you don’t get, will cause you to run around maniacally, waving a white flag in surrender. Those of us who blog for a living and are involved heavily in social media know what I am talking about. There really isn’t any down time unless it is forced.

My best balancers are a swim in the tub and marking things off of my to-do list. It also includes caring for my family, being a supportive friend and keeping my spirituality in check. Needless to say, if one things gets out of balance, it can be a precarious situation.

So, tomorrow I am taking the day off from being online, re-centering and setting priorities. My swim in the tub will be one in the ocean. There will also be sunrise meditation and walking on the beach; all so I can focus on me and ground myself.

Contemplation. Concentration. Centered.

After all, if I am feeling balanced and happy, everything else falls into place effortlessly.

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