Week 5: Beauregard, Bethany and Apple

Everyone I know is pregnant. From my oldest friend who once dyed her “public hair” yellow and then stained my couch, to the former captain of my kickball team. Across America and Facebook updates, it seems as though everyone is talking about being pregnant.

Last week, I gathered with a couple of fellow pregos to make pizzas and talk about our feelings, our aches and of course, kid’s names. As soon as one girl started talking, pads and pens came out. Names were quickly jotted down and then folded and tucked into denim pockets. Everyone was searching for the perfect name.
When it was my turn, I noticed the pens came down and comments became more light-hearted. Like: “Oh, that’s whimsical,” or “You’re lucky you don’t have family names.” Comments that felt like stale lozenges: meant to soothe but they only annoy. These were things Gwyneth Paltrow must have heard when she told the world she was naming her daughter Apple.
But I wasn’t any less guilty. When one girlfriend mentioned she liked the name Beauregard, I told her it was strong name. And I emphasized strong in a way that Shakespeare would have appreciated.
When another noted she might go with Bethany, I told a long-winded story about a Bethany at my bus stop that stood up for me when two kids tried to punch me in the face. I told them Bethany was brave. Bethany was kind. The story wasn’t 100% true. But it was convincing.
I guess, even though I’m 35 weeks away, I’m still possessive over the little one in my belly and I want her to have the best name possible. Because names are crucial. They say a good name has to pass the rock star/ CEO test. But to me, the name you choose determines the child you make and the attitude they take on life. And for me, a little whimsy is very big.

This is the 2nd installment by Ruby Begonia. Always honest, always forthcoming, and always making me delve deeper into my own thoughts. I <3 her for much. ^lisa


  1. Anonymous says

    Funny. A friend told me a boy name we chose sounded strong as well. But, I like a good strong name as well as having a family name. It was chosen by one very proud grandfather. If we do have a boy, I will one day tell him his grandfather picked his name and he was named after his great-grandfather. As much as I do like the name secretly, I am hoping for a girl.

  2. Mommyality says

    I love strong names. I also love whimsical names. Naming gives you child that identity that they will have to develop and never goes away. It's very powerful. ^lisa

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