Toddler Vacay: Shuffleboard Edition

Emili has been on vacation for three weeks. It’s one of the reasons we were able to get launched as she wasn’t tied up in her sweat shop and her parents were helping her with Puddin’.

She sent me these photos from her the car packed up for the trip home. The only way you are stuffing a Lincoln Continental trunk that full is if you have a patient soul and a back built like Atlas holding the proverbial weight of world on his chiseled shoulders.

I love the analog clock. That’s a throwback to when the automobile was more genteel.  It says “Grandparents”. In reality? Most Grandparents drive mini-vans these days.

This is the one I love, because I have been there. Heck. We all have. If it were a city, this trunk would be it’s own metropolis. The Monopoly game would be Trunkopoly.  After all, the only thing missing is a Top Hat and Monocle.


  1. 31Summers says

    Ok girls, just imagine traveling with two teenage daughters! Jeans, t-shirts, tanktops, shoes, shoes, shoes, more shoes. 3 different hair straightners, because they all do something a little different, make-up, cell phones and chargers, books they will not read, 3 different outfits per day because they need options, Oh yea and don't forget they have to have their pillow and blanket cause they can't sleep without them, WHATEVER!!!!!

  2. Mommyality says

    My poor parents had to travel with two teenage daughters. I assure you our car was packed with almost everything you mentioned. Except we traveled with three different curling irons! HA!

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