I like smelly cheese, not smelly boys

In two weeks, my bouncing bundle of joy is going to be 10. Where has time gone? First off, time is marching all over my face. That tells me part of where it has went. But, that’s another story, for another time.

Peanut is stinky and I will be quite honest, if I have to hear myself ask him if he put on his deodorant one more time? I might pull my hair out. What is the deal? It’s not like it’s that difficult. Shower, dry, raise arm and swipe. Multiple time, please.

Please tell me this is a stage and all boys go through it.

My husband and I have bought him the deodorant of his choice; had the discussions about being the stinky boy in class; and that the girls won’t like it. Yeah, that last part helped. It helped him decide he wanted to be stinky, since girls are “gross”.

I don’t yell. Sorry, that’s just not my m.o. I expect someone new to the deodorant field to forget, but not a year in. It’s kinda like brushing teeth (another story), something you just do. So, my method is what works for us.

Tactical maneuvering has been put into place and I am using methods that would have made Eisenhower proud. There is always the “sniff” test. It’s a sure fire way to guarantee you a quick trip to the shower. Next? I roll around on the floor, hold my throat and gag. Embarrassing? Yes. Effective. Oh, yeah. If he is particularly stinky and has told me that he did in fact put on his deodorant, but I can tell he hasn’t due to the smell factor? I start taking things away. When you lose your iPod touch, it’s devastating.

For a few days, he tends to remember that good hygiene is essential and a part of life.

Mawmaw always told me you catch more flies with honey, but I do believe that stinky kids give her theory a run for the money, cause it’s a swarm.


  1. Anonymous says

    🙂 Try Axe and a clandestine plan to have someone (that doesn't share your last name) compliment him on smelling like a man.

  2. mommyality says

    LOL. I tried it myself. Needless to say, he rolled his eyes at me. Gonna have my nephew try it, since he respects him so much. ^lisa

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