Happy Fathers Day

Today is a day we celebrate dads. While women will say they have the toughest job in the world (i.e. carrying a watermelon for 9 months only to push it out at the end of it all), that doesn’t sound like a job to me as much as it does a death wish. Yet they will do so willingly. And that makes them aces in my book.

But today, on a warm, muggy day in June that usually follows that all-important holiday Flag Day, we get our own day. Some of us will have someone special fix us a delectable brunch. Others will have the chance to do what they’ve always longed for: grilling meat and executing their own scorched earth policy as their lawns are also set ablaze. Others will have a different way of celebrating, which I won’t mention. But rest assured, someone will probably have black & whites made of it, to be dropped off in a manila envelope at a later date.

But however you celebrate today, be glad for the moment.

This was written by my husband, Tony. I love you babe. Thank you for being such an amazing father.

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