Handmade Finds for Father’s Day

I love to find unique gift items for all occasions on Etsy but here are a few handmade finds for Father’s Day that I love. Don’t panic if you are a last minute shopper like me, lots of Etsy sellers will expedite your order if you ask them. If you are a serious last minute shopper you can always try Etsy’s shop local tool to find a seller near you.

1.) Fly Fishing Men’s Blue T-Shirt by mediumcontrol

2.) Bike Inner Tube Journal by palepink

3.) Go Ask Your Mother Pin Back Button by gibblebot
4.) Father’s Day Card by TheZestyDesk

5.) Deer Buck USB Flash Drive

6.) Hand Embroidered, When I Grow Up Matted Art by walkthetalk

7.) Vintage Dad (any year) T-shirt by BRANDED

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