Father’s Day Fun at the Zoo

On Sunday, we decided to take a little day trip for Father’s Day. Daddy opened his Father’s Day gift, two handmade shirts from medium control on Etsy. Then he picked out one to wear for the day. The grass shirt.

We gathered up all of our toddler gear, packed up the car, and headed to the North Carolina Zoo for the afternoon. At only a little over an hour away from Raleigh, it was perfect. We planned our trip close to Puddin’s nap time knowing we would get there around noon (the heat of the day). But, Puddin’ got his nap in for the day and we got a quite leisurely drive to the zoo.
Last summer, we bought a family membership for the NC Aquariums and have visited them several times but this was our first visit to the zoo. We entered at North America and went straight to the Kid Zone play area. Puddin’ found the chalk wall and the water barrel that had paint brushes to draw and erase on the art wall. He was soaked! Head to toe soaked just minutes after we entered the gate!
We saw polar bears, otters, snakes, wolves, bison and much more! We ate hot dogs and had ice cream. (Note to self, don’t order ice cream while waiting on the tram.) Juggling toddler gear, stroller, purse, diaper bag and ice cream spells potential ice cream disaster. We stayed for two and half hours and only saw half the zoo. We will be going back soon to see Africa. Don’t worry; I won’t leave my guys behind with the monkeys.

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