Dauphin Island, Alabama Oil Booms

A few weeks ago when Puddin’ and I were visiting Grandma’s house in Mobile, AL we went to visit the Dauphin Island Estuarium. One the way back my sister and I decided to stop at few places to take a closer look at all the oil booms that were floating in the water. With kids in tow, we stopped at a few locations along Dauphin Island Parkway both on and off the island.
These photos were taken at the famous Flamingo Fae’s Beach Side Grill & Tiki Bar:

Oil boom photos. The fumes were very strong near the fishing pier. I was shocked to see at least one person fishing there.

This one was taken in front of the Dauphin Island town hall. I’m guessing that sign will still be there next time I visit.
During my Stay in Mobile I watched News 5 WKRG Mobile – Pensacola almost daily to find out more about the oil spill. Check out the link to find out more.
WKRG.com News

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