Busy at Grandmas

Yesterday morning was busy at grandmas. My sister, who has a 15 month old little boy, and her husband joined us at The Estuarium on Dauphin Island. Besides seeing all the habitats of coastal Alabama we decided to try out the new 2 in 1 Eddie Bauer Harness Buddy that I bought earlier this week for my son. It’s a backpack and harness combo.

I hated the thought of having my child on a leash, but fear of losing him in a large crowd is far worse. I felt somewhat better about the harness when some ladies behind us in line said “I wish I’d had something like that when my kids were little. They ran all over the place! I have to admit, even though it works like a leash the little backpack monkey is ultra cute and silly. We got lots of smiles from a group of chaperone’s as we went barreling by with this backpack monkey harness. And, we’ve all had fun making lots of he’s got a monkey on his back jokes.

Eddie Bauer Harness Buddy


The backpack harness is cute and it keeps him contained within my reach but still gives him freedom to RUN. So, while my son and I were making laps around the entire estuarium my sister was leisurely pushing her 15 month old in a stroller taking time to actually look at the exhibits. After about a half hour of chasing my son through the estuarium and 15 minutes in the bathroom changing a poopie diaper, I was ready to leave. Thankfully, everyone was in agreement. Once I got my little guy settled into the car with a sippy cup of cold milk and gave him his blanket he was off to sleep just minutes after leaving the parking lot.

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